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Wisconsin Flight Elite LLC has partnered with the Bellin Health Movement Performance Lab to offer our players an amazing opportunity.  You will now have preferred access to a program that will not only make you safer but also help you to achieve a higher level of performance.  You now have the opportunity to participate in programming that follows the same gold standard of care pro athletes receive. We do not cut corners!  We feel every athlete deserves the very best level of care.


Aim: Current leading research has shown that an athlete’s ceiling for athletic potential is largely influenced by the way they move.  For that reason, the primary goal of this program is to biomechanically evaluate the way you move to discover potential causes for injury and work to eliminate them, while at the same time look for building blocks to take your performance to the next level.  This analysis will be imperative in developing a needs specific dynamic warm-up (see requirements below). This data can also be shared with your coach to utilize in their programming.

Previous results: This is an opportunity to join many others who have already benefited.   Here are some testimonials demonstrating the success of this program: 

  • Over a two year period, one team suffered an average 150 visits to the athletic training room and 4 ACL tears.  After working with our program, the team reduced their athletic training room visits to only 52 the very next season!  Also, only one athlete missed a game all season, and no ACL tears since the implementation 2 years ago! 

  • A Coach stated prior to their recent play-off run, “We have never had a team so healthy going into the play-offs.”  After winning the semi-final game for the state championship, another of the coaches said, “Thank you! Your program is a big reason we are here!” 


Movement Performance Assessment Testing:  It is important for you to see how well you perform key movements you do every practice/game to help better understand what you do well and what you can improve upon.  You will schedule an individual movement analysis session at Bellin Health’s state-of-the-art Movement Performance Lab.  Parents and coaches are encouraged to attend.  The biomechanical testing done will include a Step Down to assess key strength areas, a Depth Jump and Triple Hop to assess plyometric landing ability, and Cutting, Lateral Shuffle, and Deceleration to assess change of direction mechanics.  

Each 1 hour Testing Session Includes:

  • A comprehensive biomechanical assessment using the most advanced SIMI motion capture video software available to evaluate common movements for their sport

  • Evaluation of strength and flexibility 

  • A comprehensive take-home report complete with stop-animation pictures of you at key positions during full-speed movements, scoring each movement with explanations and recommendations

  • Retraining instruction and personalized recommendations for home exercise given that day.

  • Your results will be added to a team scorecard.  A team specific dynamic warm-up may be designed from these results (When more than 50% of a team participates in testing).

  • Preferred Access: All Flight Elite association members (including parents and siblings) will receive 50% off of initial assessment. ($100 discount)



  • Please schedule ASAP.  Every appointment takes 60 min and spots are filling fast!

  • To schedule your appointment and for further information, contact Nick Winkler by phone at 920-430-4730 – Option 1, or email

  • Payment is done at the time of appointment at the Movement Lab

  • Attire:  Basketball shoes (please NO running shoes), tighter fitting shirt so we can see your trunk well, shorts no longer than mid- thigh as we need to easily see your knees(spandex under shorts is encouraged); alternate color shirt and short that allows us to see the trunk well on video

  • Arrive at least 15 min early to register and warm-up (PLEASE!)

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